The proceeds from the Annual Bazaar are used solely to support development projects throughout the world. These are small-scale projects with a clearly defined purpose in favour of disadvantaged children and young women in the fields of health, education, vocational training and/or security. Proceeds from the Children’s walk and other fundraising activities are used to fund 5-year scholarship programmes for secondary school students. Money is also given for disaster relief.  Applications for funding can only be submitted by a UNWG-Geneva member. To date the UNWG has been able to help about 2000 projects in over 100 countries with more than 7 million Swiss francs.


The UNWG awarded funds of the Bazaar 2018 to 43 children's projects in 31 different countries. The list of projects funded in 2019


The UNWG awarded funds of the Bazaar 2017 to 57 children's projects in 44 different countries. The list of projects funded in 2018


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