Message from the President of the UNWG

Dear Members,

I hope that you all are safe and well with your family.

We members of the UNWG come from different parts of the world with hands on experience. I am sure this will give us strength and help us handle this difficult situation with courage.

The spring season which has started with the nice weather and magnificent nature will help us endure the confinement and be optimistic.

I would like to share with you that our EC committee had a virtual meeting on the current situation. Accordingly, it was unanimously agreed by the EC members that the meeting date of the next AGA will depend on future Federal and Cantonal measures as well as the normal restart of UNOG activity. The date of the upcoming AGA will thus be communicated to all members at a later time.

I hope and pray that this will finish soon and we can start our normal activities. In the meantime, take care and keep safe.

Senait Mengistu Gebreselassie

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